My products should make the world easier and more intuitive.

  • Name — Thilo Age — 53
    Occupation — Product Designer Colour — Black 0.25
    COPIC What does your job mean to you?
    Thilo I’m a born modifier. From as young as five I started taking things such as radios or toasters apart as I had to see what was behind the surface. Nowadays I know how certain things
  • work and why but I always imagine how I can make them better; easier and more intuitive. My work offers me the possibility to make those visions come true.
    COPIC How do your products develop?
    Thilo Once I have an idea in mind I have to capture it in a sketch. This way details become clearer and I can see if proportions are right or if colours are
  • harmonising. Only if I’m convinced 100% by my sketch I start rendering. I often get asked why I still use markers. It is easy to explain: that way I can live the creative process and it makes it more authentic.
    COPIC What makes COPIC MULTILINER special?
    Thilo I’m a perfectionist and as a perfectionist I would always choose
  • COPIC MULTILINER. You can always rely on the accuracy of this fine liner. No matter if I choose fine or wider nibs, it strength always remains the same. When over drawing with COPIC Markers, the tracing line remains sharp and does not bleed. One final thing of importance to me: COPIC MULTILINER are made out of matt aluminium providing a nice feel and good grip.
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