Design is like a language; you keep learning a bit more every time.

  • Name — Patrick Age — 29
    Occupation — Graphic Designer
    Colour — Y08

    COPIC What do you like about your job?
    Patrick I have to stay up to date all the time as design requirements change on
  • a daily basis. I’m a craftsman, service provider, artist and visionary with art on one side and everyday life on the other. Not an easy job but I love it.
    COPIC How do you develop your style?
    Patrick I observe as design is not only a reflection of our culture but also
  • creates it. Modern art has much of an influence on me as antique statues; Mona Lisa or Manga – I find inspiration everywhere.
    COPIC Why choose COPIC WIDE?
    Patrick My secret passion is poster boards with their product, message
  • and influence. I’m fascinated by reducing things to their basics. With COPIC WIDE I can create large drafts quickly and this makes my scribbles dynamic and I can also draw medium and fine strokes by holding the marker in different positions.
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