An blank piece of paper is my inspiration.

  • Name — Laura Age — 21
    Hobby — Manga Colour — R46
    COPIC When did you start drawing Manga?
    Laura I started drawing comics a while ago and moved then to drawing Manga about three years ago when I joined a friend at one of the largest trade shows for Manga and Anime, ‘Connichi’.
  • During my studies I realised that the design process is followed by a long, and I think, boring process to the finished dress. Since then I focus on what I enjoy the It was crazy but the crazy costumes and characters inspired me. One day later a bought I marker set.
    COPIC What inspires your drawings?
    Laura A blank piece of paper.
  • Sitting in front of my sketch book with a marker in my hand makes me happy and I get lost in creativity. The world around me disappears once I start focusing on a new story. I prefer drawing fantasy figures such as elves, witches and monks. I put a lot of characteristics of people I meet in those figures.
    COPIC What markers do you use?
  • Laura I like COPIC ciao’s wide range of colour choice. The markers dry quickly and don’t smudge. For fantasy figure drawings I use the special 5+1 sets in skin colours. Being a student I especially like the price and COPIC ciao are ideal as I don’t have to buy new markers constantly but can refill my existing ones.
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